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Employers in these and other similar industries have had an extremely difficult time complying with the ACA requirements regarding reporting and the measurement of employee hours worked to ensure coverage is offered appropriately. We are experts in employee benefits and everything ACA related, and were able to identify the issues common with these employers and develop simple and affordable solutions to assist them in a way that is highly-specific to their business.   Learn More …

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StaffACA is a full service Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting company. Under ACA, regularly known as Obamacare, Applicable Large Employers must report annually to the IRS the type and cost of medical plans offered to their full time employee population. As it turns out, this reporting is extremely complex and requires an extensive knowledge of employee benefits in order to be done well.

Our ACA reporting solution was built out of an in-depth knowledge and understanding of employee benefits. This is the major difference between our solution and the majority of our competitors who approached this reporting from a technology or payroll background. Because we know well the actual individuals who are ultimately responsible for this annual reporting (human resource directors, finance directors & benefit brokers) and the type of functions they perform each day, we were able to design a client experience to fit them perfectly.

Most importantly, we understand that our #1 focus and goal is to be a service company delivering a great client experience. It is this focus on serving our clients which helped us to achieve a 98%+ client satisfaction rate.

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