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10 Quick Reasons To Partner With Us

Often when speaking with Payroll Companies we get the question, “Why would we not just build our own internal ACA ComplianceCA reporting capabilities for our clients?”.  Here are a few quick reasons:

  1. Your major competitors (ADP, Paychex, etc) already have a system and they are trying to poach your clients by showing that they already have a solution.
  2. Your clients really want a solution – NOW.
  3. Developing ACA Reporting capabilities takes a lot of time and money.
  4. Instead of spending your resources building additional technology, you could have all of the technology and still get all of the profits you expected to get.
  5. By partnering with us, you likely will be more profitable than if you developed the technology on your own.
  6. We offer a FULLY WHITE LABELED SOLUTION for your payroll company.  Your clients will see us as You!
  7. We are ACA experts already.  Do you really want to learn all that is required to be an expert?
  8. By partnering with us, your clients will also have access to a full employee benefit enrollment system if they desire.
  9. We have built a proprietary process based upon our discussion with the IRS and in-depth knowledge of forms 1094 and 1095.
  10. We will deliver to your clients an incredible customer service experience.